What if your cup could talk?

How many times have you gone out to the bar and had trouble meeting people or starting conversations with other people there? The Sociable Table is an interactive table that helps you do just that. By simply placing your cup on the table surface, it connects you to the table allowing you to play games, doodle on the tabletop, and send messages to others. Through these different things you can do, the table forces you to interact with other people who are at the table.

This project was a six month long senior thesis project, that consisted of a team of eight designers and developers, working collaboratively together to bridge the gap between design and implementation. The developers were Adam Butterworth, Andrew Sanjanwala, Matt Bruce, and John Barbagallo. The designers were Alexandra Zack, Luke Alessi, Sam Sawzin, and Ayaka Ito. We also implored the help of Jason Sauers, an industrial designer, to help us build the table itself. To see even more pictures of the table and our team, check out our Flickr page!